• the contextual communication + collaboration layer

Communication + Collaboration

Enhance user engagement by adding in-app communication+collaboration. Integrate chat, voice meetings, screen sharing and recording, and multimedia annotation.

Powered by Moxtra Cloud

The Moxtra Cloud is mobile-first and is built to scale on demand to meet your growing needs. Our engineering team has heritage at WebEx and years of experience in the space.

Shared Revenue Model

We believe in win-win partnerships. Our shared revenue approach ties our success to your success. Our goal is to align our pricing model to match your business model.

SDK Modules


The Moxtra Chat module gives you access to a rich messaging service for one on one, group, or topic based conversations.

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With the Moxtra Meet module, your users can instantly start a full fledged meeting with screen sharing & audio conferencing while on the go.

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Enable your users to record voice-overs directly on your app screens or onto files stored in your app or your cloud with the Moxtra Clip Module.

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With the Moxtra Draw module, allow your users to annotate on any multimedia file stored in your app or your cloud.

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