Feature Description
Binder A binder is a new kind of collaboration space designed specifically to enable mobile collaboration for teams, projects and topics. Store your files, chats, and to-dos in individual binders for easy access. You can create as many binders as you need. We’ve seen our users create binders for their core team, binders for all the projects they are working on, and binders for short term group messaging around a certain topic.
Messaging Each binder has an area for team messaging for on the go communication. Our messaging service supports text chat, hold-to-talk voice chat, videos, photos, and most other file types.
Pages Pages are a new kind of file viewer designed for mobile collaboration. Moxtra breaks down files you upload into pages that you can view without needing the native application the file was created in. Your original file is also stored and can be downloaded if needed. In addition to visually representing a file, Pages allow collaboration with Annotation, Clip, and Page based messaging.
Annotation Annotation allows you to mark up pages to provide feedback in the binders using tools like freehand drawing, highlighting, text and pointer arrows.
Clip Clip allows you to record voice over page(s) and create a video that can be shared within a binder. Clip video can also be shared with people outside the binder.
To-Do Our to-dos provide task management at its simplest form! Moxtra gives you assignable tasks with due dates and custom notes to fellow binder members so you can delegate with ease, and effectively manage all your upcoming project deadlines.
Meet Whether or not you are in the same zip code as your team, Moxtra Meet allows you to have scheduled (or ad-hoc) mobile and online meetings for both one to one’s and group sessions, with crisp and clear voice conferencing. No smartphone? No problem. Your users can join from any browser on a Desktop as well. With Meet, you can screen share from your mobile device, present content, talk and chat from within the meeting, and record the meeting to refer back to in the future.